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We have been running karate classes in Leeds since 2010 - taking in students from West and North Yorkshire (Leeds, Bradford, Huddersfield, Harrogate and surrounding areas).

We believe that our approach to martial arts allows people the opportunity to train in a safe and friendly environment and encourages learning and advancement in a way which is both enjoyable and rewarding.

"Do not forget that karate-do begins and ends with rei."
-Gichin Funakoshi

Family Classes




Self-Defence, Fitness & Confidence

Train and learn as a family. Learning Karate together is a great to stay fit, healthy and bond together.
White Rose Martial Arts Karate Association is a Core Member of the Anti-Bullying Alliance charity.
Learn how to defend yourself in a safe way – whilst getting fit, improving your confidence, co-ordination, focus and mental agility.

See more actual training photos with our special online Club Brochure.




As well as equipping students with practical self-defence skills, the training is progressive and provides all-round development, through the strengthening of the body and mind – improving both mental and physical health and fitness.
Since 2014 we have been working in Schools in the Leeds area with our After School Training Programme. This has proved very popular and has given many children an invaluable experience of training in karate and self-defence.
In our classes across Leeds male and female of all ages are welcome – from 6 upwards. For any information on availability of spaces in the classes and membership to the club please contact us and we will be happy to deal with any of your queries.

Apply the way of karate to all things. Therein lies its beauty…

On Saturday we had a grading and gradings are always a special occasion for every new level that you achieve.
I’d like to take this chance to congratulate everyone who achieved their next belts;... https://t.co/t5ogiFpDJ7

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Anti-Bullying Campaign

We have been conducting an extensive Anti-Bullying campaign across the West Yorkshire area in 2014, 2015 and 2016.



We have been raising awareness of the issue and helping to give people advice on how they can prevent being the victims of bullying and developing strategies on staying safe in general. This has involved going into local schools and also working with local businesses who have been very welcoming in helping us to raise awareness of this issue.

Sensei John Wetherell has also been helping our brother club Shuhari with their Anti-Bullying campaign in Berkshire.

Thanks goes to the following businesses for helping us in raising awareness of our Anti-Bullying campaign:

Asda – Adel

Tesco – Roundhay Road & Seacroft

Morrisons – Kirkstall

Donkey Sanctuary Leeds

Morley Markets


White Rose Martial Arts are proud to announce that they are Core Members of the Anti-Bullying Alliance charity (part of the National Children’s Bureau). This charity does great work across the whole of the UK.

We feel very strongly about this subject as we are directly helping people in this area of their lives on a daily basis through our classes and our awareness campaigns.

ABA member 2 colour

The charity can offer our students another layer of support and encouragement and we can also help people indirectly who may never attend our sessions, through supporting and fundraising for the charity.


If you feel that you are the subject of bullying there is help and support there for you. Even just talking to someone understanding is a very powerful and positive first step.


In May 2015 Tesco Roundhay were kind enough to let us raise awareness for our own anti-bullying campaign and also fundraise for the charity.

Anti-Bullying Charity Letter June 2015


YouTube Videos

Watch our training videos on the White Rose Martial Arts YouTube channel.

The first two videos here are  training montages – with a series of short clips demonstrating a variety of drills – showcasing the Kata, solo drills and partner drills that we practice in our classes.

The first video is the abridged version – at around 45 seconds long  and the second is the full video – at just under 5 minutes.

The next video shows you how to tie your belt! Followed by a demonstration of Kata Saifa.

After School Programme

Many of the students attending our After School Programme have gone on to achieve their first grading of 8th Kyu red belts – which has been fantastic to see. Those who are showing most progress take advantage of their free lifetime membership to all the club’s events and train at other local classes. This is a great way to accelerate your training, meet new people and build your confidence. All the classes conducted in a safe and friendly environment. All instructors are DBS (previously known as CRB) checked.

Testimonial written on 05.07.15 by Caroline Taylor, Health Leader at Moortown Primary School, Shadwell Lane, Leeds, LS17 6DR.

“John Wetherell, from White Rose Martial Arts, has been working with Moortown Primary during this academic year, 2014-15.  Initially he was able to support our whole school Healthy body, healthy minds themed week, November 2014, by providing martial arts/self-defence sessions for each year group.  Following the success of these sessions and the positive response from the pupils we started an after-school martial arts club………It was evident how these pupils had developed a range of skills in just a short time…………………He (John) is more than willing to work with the school on a physical activity/anti-bullying basis and has built up a positive relationship with the school and our pupils.”

Read the full version here.


Star Student in the School Programme!

Allow us to introduce one of our star students who was awarded a free place on our School Training Programme: Sophia Murray-Houston.

Sophia trains in and attends Allerton CE Primary in Leeds and according to her instructor has shown some great improvements not just in her physical abilities but also in her overall confidence since starting her training with the club in 2015.

Sophia has had a lot to deal with in her 7 years already. She was born at 23 weeks, weighing just 405 grams. She was on oxygen for 2 ½ years and has had to endure numerous operations. She also still experiences eating challenges meaning she has to use a Gastronomy tube.

Despite having had a challenging start to life according to her instructor, John Wetherell you could never tell it from the way she approaches her training! Her attitude and approach is an inspiration to all; she is friends with all her classmates and trains with determination, skill and the spirit of a true karate-ka. One to watch for the future. A black belt in the making…


Donkey Sanctuary Leeds

This year we once again went along to the Donkey Sanctuary Summer Fair on Saturday 29th August 2015, in Eccup Leeds, to raise awareness for our anti-bullying campaign and put on a display.

This year was different to 2014 where we had a selection of students who were demonstrating various elements of the training to the audience of fair attendees. This year one of our excellent junior students, Max McLoughlin impressed all with his prowess in a duelling contest!

The Donkey Sanctuary are a great charity, doing some amazing work, in particular for children in the area. Click on the links to find out more from their website – you can visit all year round. We would highly recommend not just the summer fair but a visit to see the donkeys.

One of the highlights of the summer fair is always the terrier racing!




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