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The symbols for ‘Karate’ or ‘kara-te’ translate to ’empty hand’. It is documented that the symbol previously used for ‘kara’ means ‘Chinese’, so ‘Karate’ was originally known as ‘Chinese hand’.

Many people have their own interpretation of what ‘Karate’ is to them. Our approach will obviously have certain differences from other Karate clubs. However if you have trained before there will be a good deal of familiarity as there are techniques and principles that are common across all styles. So, whether you have lots, some or no martial arts experience you will be made to feel welcome in our classes. In fact that is very much the case with our existing students; prior to joining our classes some had trained extensively in other styles, some for had trained briefly and some had never even entered a Dojo (training hall).

There is no doubt that many techniques have altered or developed over time. However, despite all the variations and adaptations of the techniques down the years, by training in karate you are connecting with the past and following in the footsteps of the Masters of yesteryear.

We believe that learning should be enjoyable, challenging and rewarding. Students will follow a set system which is designed to improve their skills in particular areas. As a result of their progress, they will advance through the system by way of gradings which allow students to achieve their next belt level.

Students will learn and perform solo and partner drills, which will obviously increase in difficulty as they progress. These training drills were designed to develop specific skill sets in a safe training environment which enables the student to acquire the necessary skills and obviously build their confidence in particular disciplines. We feel that the combined effect of this learning and skill acquisition leads to an all-rounded development of skills for the student.

We train in such a way that enables students to not only develop practical and usable techniques but also benefit from the more holistic benefits that Karate training can bring to all.
We run classes in which all ages can train and also classes more suited for adults.

Training includes…

Developing footwork and balance
Solo drills
Moving with speed and control
Punching, kicking, blocking
Elbow and knee strikes
Covering, parrying, slipping
Ranges i.e. kicking, punching, trapping, gripping
Various partner drills to improve ability at different ranges
Power generation
Pad work
Self defence principles i.e. avoidance & awareness
Sparring based drills

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