On Friday 20th June we provided a demonstration and workshop for one of the local Cub groups who meet in the Immaculate Heart Parish Hall of Harrogate Road, Moortown, Leeds. We received the following email from David Cooke one of the Leaders of the group…….

“Dear John and Phil, We would like to thank you for a brilliant evening. It was a delight to see them all so captivated. As the Cubs were leaving they were heard to say ”this was the best evening ever” and ”we should have meetings like this every week” They obviously enjoyed it and you certainly held their attention and they seemed to work hard to practice what you taught them. That is no mean feat when they are often giddy on a Friday evening. You have certainly raised the bar for our Friday activities. Thank you for such an excellent experience.Yours in Scouting David”



We received this email from Jim about his experience within the club. He trains with his wife and 2 daughters.

“Although my wife has always been very active, at the gym, running and rowing, I was in my mid-forties with dodgy knees and the makings of a middle-age spread. Our twin girls were six and a half and whilst quite sporty at school they hadn’t really settled upon a sporting activity they liked enough to commit to regularly. Crucially, between the long, irregular hours I work; my wife’s university studies; being full-time parents and the kids’ school and clubs we never seemed to have enough time to just do stuff together. The great thing for us about White Rose Martial Arts is the timetable of classes spread across the week and across Leeds, which give us the option of fitting the classes into our hectic schedules and we know that even though the classes have different instructors, with their own teaching styles and the dojos (training halls) vary in group size, we are guaranteed a great experience with an enthusiastic, knowledgeable instruction.

There’s something for everyone at the classes, from fun games for the children that develop their skills in a non-competitive, enjoyable way to more in-depth teaching points for the older students that go into the origins and applications of the techniques being learnt. Progression through the belts (ranks) is not the purpose of the classes and students are only put forward for “gradings” (exams) when you’re ready, but at the same time when you do progress it gives you a great sense of achievement.

Our regular dojo is an excellent example of what White Rose offers. All classes are run in an atmosphere of friendly co-operation, with no big egos or showing off. Students come in all varieties, kids, teenagers and even oldies like me, but all are there to help each other, learn and most importantly enjoy it. At the same time, our regular mentors, Chris and Matt maintain discipline and in between learning the “four Ks”: kihon (the basics), kata (the forms – my own favourite part!), kumite (the applications) and kime (focus), students learn the most valuable life skill – respect.

My wife, our twin girls and I all train together as a family, supporting each other in classes, cheering each other along at gradings and taking turns to beat me up at home. I can testify that since we joined the Saturday morning classes, the kids’ fitness levels have improved, as have their self-belief and attention spans. They really look up to Sensei John, Chris, Matt and the other instructors. I also think it’s fantastic that there are female instructors like the very skilful Rachel, who provide inspiring role models for young girls to look up to. Karate offers huge benefits for all ages, including self-defence skills, physical and mental fitness, self-confidence and respect.

Our family have loved the last two years with Sensei John and his great team and we have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone thinking of joining us.”



Testimonial written on 05.07.15 by Caroline Taylor, Health Leader at Moortown Primary School, Shadwell Lane, Leeds, LS17 6DR.

“John Wetherell, from White Rose Martial Arts, has been working with Moortown Primary during this academic year, 2014-15.  Initially he was able to support our whole school Healthy body, healthy minds themed week, November 2014, by providing martial arts/self-defence sessions for each year group.  Following the success of these sessions and the positive response from the pupils we started an after-school martial arts club.  This began with an initial nine pupils in the spring term.  Before the start of the next term, John kindly came into school to deliver a whole school assembly based around self-defence/keeping safe on an anti-bullying theme.  This included some demonstrations from children who had been attending the after-school club.  It was evident how these pupils had developed a range of skills in just a short time.  The children were very receptive to this and this resulted in extra children joining the club. For the summer term there were 23 children in the club.  This will continue next academic year.  John has also provided a martial arts class session for our Reception class as a reward for a recent walk to school competition.  He is more than willing to work with the school on a physical activity/anti-bullying basis and has built up a positive relationship with the school and our pupils.”


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